Enhanced Learning through Mobile Solutions


Teech.io helps a number of educational establishments building and delivering enhanced and cross-platform learning experiences faster.

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We have awesome partners that trust us:

Building blocks to give your education app superpowers

Enhance your educational software with Teech.io's powerful cloud technology.

Content Management System

Manage your application content right from the browser. Keep students motivated by pushing fresh content to their devices in seconds. Create, update, delete content one-time for every platform, from desktop to mobile.

Learning Analytics

An educational app is effective only if it actually improves the students outcomes. Teech.io's learning analytics API allows you to track how students use your product so you can understand how effective is the learning experience.

Education technology platform for everyone

No matter what industry you are, Teech.io helps you to improve the teaching and learning experiences.

For Developers

Focus on your education app, forget the infrastructure, ship faster and deliver beatiful content and useful insights to your users in hours.

For Institutions

Improve the teaching and learning experiences through mobile devices and get real-time insights on how your students are learning, even when they are at home.

For Enterprises

Leverage on mobile devices to improve your workforce training. An elearning strategy can help you lower the costs and increase the productivity.

Need an extra hand?

Need some help to power your teaching and learning experiences with technology? We'll take care of it.

Design & Build

We have experienced development partners that will help you design and build your app easier and faster.

Teech.io platform integration

You've got an existing product but you want to take it to the next level? Let's do it.

Dashboards & Reports

We will help you to deliver useful learning insights to your users by building the perfect dashboard.